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Cinzia and Ian kissing on their wedding day driving down the laneway in a John Deere Gator.

The Story Behind Boho Beaver

Our story isn't just about creating beautiful, boho-inspired cabins nestled in the stunning Beaver Valley. It's about embracing the transformative power of nature, fostering a warm, inclusive community, and inspiring our guests to embark on their own unique journeys. As you explore our story, we hope to spark an emotional connection, instill trust, and share the love and dedication we've poured into every aspect of Boho Beaver. This is our haven, your escape, and together, we make it extraordinary.

Embracing Nature, Inspiring Journeys:

From the Grind of the City to Nature's Embrace:
Cinzia and Ian's Journey of Rejuvenation at Boho Beaver

Chapter 1

The Call of Nature

A City Girl and a Country Boy's Path to Rejuvenation

Once upon a time, in the heart of a bustling city, Cinzia, a city girl with dreams as expansive as the cityscape, crossed paths with Ian, a country boy, who had never left the tranquillity of the countryside. Despite their contrasting backgrounds, a mutual love for nature drew them together. As wedding bells rang, they discovered a shared dream - to create a haven amidst the beauty of nature. United in their vision, they embarked on a remarkable journey leading to the birth of Boho Beaver, a sanctuary designed for those longing to reconnect with nature.
Cinzia and Ian kissing on their wedding day surrounded by beautiful trees.

Chapter 2

City Life Takes its Toll

The Growing Discontent in Urban Lifestyles

People hustling about in a downtown location of a city with tall buildings all around them.
Cinzia, well-acquainted with the ceaseless demands of city living, and Ian, observing the strains of the urban lifestyle from his rural perspective, recognized a common yearning in many city dwellers. They saw individuals entrapped in an exhausting cycle of stress and burnout, caught in a lifestyle that increasingly distanced them from nature's soothing embrace. They understood the toll taken by the grind culture, where convenience often outweighed well-being. Together, they sought to create a refuge from the city's constant clamour - a place where one could escape the noise, regain balance, and experience a healthier, more grounded way of living.

Chapter 3

A Glimpse of Freedom

Rediscovering the Simplicity of Country Life

In search of a simpler, more meaningful existence, Cinzia and Ian set out to explore the countryside together. As they ventured into the tranquil landscapes, they felt a profound sense of freedom and belonging. The vastness of open fields, the whispering of trees, and the harmony of nature awakened something deep within them. They realized that the healing power of nature was the key to reclaiming their sense of self and finding true contentment.
A woman's hand grazing the top of flowers as the sun kisses her skin.

Chapter 4

A Vision Takes Shape

We bought the farm! Cinzia and Ian posing beside a sold sign on the boho beaver property.

Creating a Haven of Reconnection

Inspired by their personal journeys and their transformative experiences in nature, Cinzia and Ian's vision began to take shape. They yearned to create a sanctuary on their farm, where others could embark on their journey of rediscovery. They imagined a haven where individuals could leave behind the demands of the modern world and immerse themselves in the healing powers of nature. This vision became the guiding force behind Boho Beaver—a place that would offer solace, inspiration, and a renewed sense of well-being to all who sought refuge within its embrace.

Chapter 5

A Farming Legacy

Nurturing a Connection to the Land

Both coming from families of farmers, Ian and Cinzia shared a deep-rooted connection to the land and a profound appreciation for the art of farming. They inherited a rich farming legacy and were inspired by the invaluable knowledge passed down through generations. With the privilege of learning firsthand about farming and cultivating their own food from their grandparents, they gained a deep understanding of the land's intricacies and the rewards it can bring. These experiences, coupled with their shared passion for nature and the transformative power of the land, became the driving force behind their vision for Boho Beaver. The farming heritage they carried with them ignited a desire to share the gift of farming, inspire others to reconnect with the land, and nurture a community centered around sustainable and self-sufficient living.
Ian in the tractor working on the farm.

Chapter 6

Ian working on the foundationof boho beaver in an excavator.

A Tale of Unity

Partners in Heart and Vision

Cinzia and Ian's partnership extended beyond their love for one another. Their shared passion for nature, their desire to create a meaningful impact, and their complementary strengths formed the bedrock of their venture. Cinzia's background in psychology and her innate ability to connect with others perfectly complemented Ian's deep understanding of the land and his craftsmanship. Together, they forged a formidable partnership dedicated to curating unforgettable experiences for guests at Boho Beaver.

Chapter 7

The Birth of Boho Beaver

Nurturing the Dream of Reconnection

Boho Beaver was more than just a name; it embodied the essence of Cinzia and Ian's vision. "Boho" represented their shared longing for a bohemian, unconventional way of life—one that embraced freedom, self-expression, and harmony with nature. It was a celebration of individuality and the freedom to be oneself. "Beaver" symbolized the resilience and industriousness found in the animal kingdom—a reminder of their deep connection to the land and their commitment to preserving its beauty. Together, the name encapsulated their mission to create a haven where people could reconnect with themselves and the natural world.
Ian working on cabin number 2 at boho beaver.

Chapter 8

A Sanctuary for Transformation

Nature's Restorative Embrace

The boho inspired decorating and design of the cabins at boho beaver.
Boho Beaver emerged as a sanctuary for those seeking transformation, a place where the rhythms of nature guide the journey towards self-discovery and inner harmony. Cinzia and Ian poured their hearts into curating an environment that honoured the beauty and tranquility of the land. Meticulously designed cabins nestled among the trees, thoughtfully crafted amenities, and personalized experiences awaited each guest, inviting them to step away from the chaos of everyday life and immerse themselves in the restorative embrace of nature.

Chapter 9

The Power of Reconnection

Embracing the Gifts of Nature

Through Boho Beaver, Cinzia and Ian discovered the transformative power of reconnection. As they witnessed guests arriving burdened by the weight of the world, they saw firsthand the impact of nature's healing embrace. With each passing day, individuals shed their city armour, rediscovering their childlike wonder, and embracing the simple joys of life. They found solace in the gentle lullaby of the river, inspiration in the vibrant tapestry of the forest, and renewed well-being in the harmony of the natural world.
A woman relaxing in a hamock beside the beaver valley river amonsgst the lush forest.k

Chapter 10

A Shared Vision of Impact

A group of diverse community members arm in arm enjoying the atmosphere at Boho Beaver.

Cultivating a Community of Change

Cinzia and Ian's journey at Boho Beaver extended beyond their personal transformation. They realized the potential for their haven to become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of their guests and the wider community. They actively collaborated with local artisans, farmers, and educators, supporting sustainable practices and promoting an ethos of mindful living. They sought to create a ripple effect, inspiring guests to carry the lessons of reconnection and balance into their everyday lives.

Chapter 11

Inviting Others to Rediscover

An Invitation

Cinzia and Ian's story is not meant to be theirs alone. They invite you, the weary traveller, the city dweller seeking respite, and the nature enthusiast yearning for deeper connection, to embark on your own journey of rediscovery at Boho Beaver. Step into the embrace of nature, shed the burdens of the grind, and allow yourself to be enveloped by the healing energies that abound. Reconnect with your authentic self, find solace, inspiration, and renewed well-being amidst the gentle whispers of the trees and the soothing melodies of the river.
Three people in kayaks paddling on the Beaver Valley River on the boho beaver property.


Rediscovery and Rejuvenation

Embracing the Power of Nature's Gifts

A woman with her arms raised up and to her sides as she embraces the sun and amazing environment at Boho Beaver.
With a profound appreciation for nature Cinzia and Ian crafted a sanctuary that transcends boundaries and reaches into the very essence of the human spirit. Boho Beaver stands as a testament to the power of reconnection and the transformative influence of nature. It is a place where urban dwellers can find solace, where weary souls can rediscover balance, and where the timeless beauty of the natural world weaves its magic into the fabric of our lives. Join Cinzia and Ian at Boho Beaver, and together, let us embark on a journey of rediscovery, rejuvenation, and profound connection with ourselves and the world around us.

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“This is truly a tiny house set perfectly in a bohemian style. Wonderful firepit set on beautiful farmland with wildflowers cascading across the back field. It meets a small, wooded area that ends at the Beaver River. The property is just a small drive to so many trails and hillsides to hike. The hosts were friendly and very informative about all the local attractions. We will definitely rent this little paradise again.”

What our guests are saying

“This little cabin was the perfect spot for me to get away and unwind. The location, adorable cabin and hospitable hosts, made this space a dream. I think some of my favourite things about this spot were the hammocks and places to sit tucked away in the most beautiful wildflower field! Thank you Cinzia and Ian!”
“Our stay at Boho Beaver was everything and more then we expected. The cabin is very well equipped with everything you would need for a getaway. The location is great to be able to hike, canoe and see local life close by. Hosts are warm, welcoming and knowledgeable about the area you can tell that this tiny cabin was built with love. I can’t wait for my next stay here for a mother daughter getaway!”

Your Path to Rejuvenation Begins Here

Longing to break free from the daily grind and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Beaver Valley? Allow us to guide you on your journey of self discovery and rejuvenation:

Someone using their laptop to look at their schedule.

Recognize the importance of self-care and carve out the time you need for rejuvenation. Every moment you spend at Boho Beaver is a tribute to your well-being.

Someone using their laptop to book a getaway at Boho Beaver.

Select from our range of carefully curated experiences – Adventure, Culinary Delights, Relax & Restore, and Farm. Reserve your cabin and personalize your itinerary to align with your passions and preferences.

A smiling woman outdoors holding a mug with boho beaver branding on it.

Arrive, unwind, and surrender to the allure of nature. Engage with our diverse offerings, create lasting memories, and let the transformative power of your Boho Beaver stay lead you towards rejuvenation.

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Beautiful wild flowers on Boho Beaver Property.

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